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5 Reasons Mentorships are the Key to Success in the New Year

Posted on:December 28, 2018

Klein Tools’ Powering America’s Future video series showcases what drives the next generation of skilled tradespeople to enter the trades. After meeting these passionate individuals in training facilities across the United States, the Klein Tools team has a prediction for 2019 – positive mentorships will spark success in the new year, and beyond. Here is a look at just a few reasons these relationships play a vital role in career development across all jobsites.


Working, and learning, alongside experienced professionals helps aspiring tradespeople learn the ins and outs of the industry.

  1. Irreplaceable jobsite tips and tricks. Some things are best taught outside of the classroom, and that includes those handy tricks used only after years on the job. By working closely with knowledgeable skilled professionals, apprentices witness the secrets of the trades, learned exclusively from hands-on experience.
  2. An opportunity to be the mentor you wish you had. Entering a new career brings about exciting challenges, but going about it alone makes it that much more difficult. You have the opportunity to lead others to success. “They [apprentices] remember the drive, the motivation that you put forth for them,” says Qrenzina Francis, instructor at IBEW Local 3 in New York. “I had it done for me, so I want to be that same type of instructor.” What do you wish you knew when embarking on your journey into the trades? Today is a great day to share the lessons you learned along the way.
  3. Knowledge of the right tools for the job. When completing complicated, and sometimes repetitive, tasks day in and day out, tradespeople quickly learn which tools are jobsite must-haves. From that trusted pair of lineman’s pliers to those #NewKleins, professionals know the best way to stock-up.
  4. Appropriate work ethic practices. Originally reported by the Carnegie Foundation, only 15 percent of job success comes from technical skills. The other 85 percent? Soft skills, such as time management, effective communication and problem-solving. Mentors within a person’s career not only instill a lifelong passion for the trades but also a strong work ethic.
  5. Mutual feedback and respect. Even the most experienced professionals have room in their tool bags to learn something new every day. Mentorships are not a one-way street. When working together, both mentors and mentees can share constructive criticism, respecting a mutual commitment to getting every job done right.

When setting your New Year’s resolutions, think about how you can continue to help the next generation of skilled professionals succeed. How do you currently guide apprentices on the jobsite? Share your experiences with us on social media.

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