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Ratcheting PVC Cutter - 1/2'' (13 mm) - 1-1/4'' (32 mm)

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Product Features
Makes clean, burr-free cuts through PVC.
High-leverage ratchet-action for maximum cutting power.
Easy one-hand cutting.
Special heat-treated blades stay sharp longer and reduces pipe deformation.
Hooked jaw holds pipe in proper cutting position.
Length: 9'' (229 mm)
Weight (lbs.): 1.1
Weight (kg): 0.5
Non-metallic Tubing Cutting Capacity: 1'' (25 mm)
PVC Cutting Capacity: 1/2'' (13 mm) - 1-1/4'' (32 mm)
Always wear approved eye protection.
Never use on or near live electrical circuits.
Do NOT use to cut metallic pipes or cable wire.
Do NOT cut cold PVC.