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Fall Arrest Harness, M

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This product is no longer in production.
Product Features
Ultra-Hyde lined waist and leg straps. Ultra-Hyde is a material that looks and feels like leather, yet requires little maintenance.
Durable 1-3/4'' (44 mm) Type 19, or equivalent, nylon webbing harness construction.
Waist and leg straps have tongue buckles and grommets for a comfortable fit and positive buckle connection.
Friction slide adjusters hold shoulder straps in place so the user does not need to readjust for each use.
Color contrasting shoulder and leg straps simplify putting harness on.
Seat strap adds extra comfort and support.
Seat strap adds extra comfort and support.
Fall-arrest harnesses are designed to arrest free falls and distribute impact forces over thighs, pelvis, chest and shoulders as required by OSHA.
Identity and warning tags and/or labels are reminders of proper application and inspection procedures. The Klein name, model, date of manufacture and OPE-system application symbol(s) are permanently and clearly inscribed on these tags and labels.
Harnesses are certified and compliant with ANSI and CSA requirements.
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Waist Size:
36'' (914 mm) to 44'' (1118 mm)