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Ratcheting Modular Crimper/Stripper

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Product Features
Fast, reliable modular-crimp connector installation for voice and data applications.
All-In-One Tool, cuts, strips and crimps paired-conductor cables (round STP/UTP and flat-satin phone cable).
Crimps 4, 6, and 8 position modular connectors (RJ22, RJ11/RJ12, and RJ45).
Crimping dies are precision ground from high-carbon steel.
Ratchet safety-release and a blade-guard on cutting and stripping knives reduce risk of injury.
Full-cycle ratchet mechanism prevents the release of the connector prior to full compression.
Yellow and black grips enhance comfort, visibility, and allow quick identification.
Not for use with AMP® connectors.
Replacement blade set available (Cat. No. VDV999-064).
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Round STP/UTP, Flat Satin Phone Cable, and 22-28 AWG (0.08 - 0.34 mm²)
Overall Length:
7-1/2'' (190.5 mm)
Handle Color:
Cuts & Strips:
STP/UTP, Flat Satin Phone Cable, and 22-28 AWG (0.08 - 0.34 mm²)
RJ11, RJ12, RJ22, and RJ45
4-Position, 1-Pair/2-Conductor, 4-Position, 2-Pair/4-Conductor 6-Position, 2-Pair/4-Conductor, 6-Position, 3-Pair/6-Conductor, 8-Position, 4-Pair/8-Conductor
0.10 lb (0.05 kg)

Always wear approved eye protection.

NOT insulated. Will NOT protect against electrical shock.

Never use on or near live electrical circuits.

Read carefully and understand instructions before using this tool.

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