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Cat. No.: 
Product Features
Use to view inaccessible areas.
Features a durable camera snake, high resolution screen, mirror image and adjustable LED worklight.
IP67: Dustproof and waterproof camera
Multiple applications: electrical, HVAC, plumbing, automotive, aircraft.
Product includes: Borescope • 17 mm gooseneck camera • Rechargeable lithium ion battery • Mirror camera attachment • Hook camera attachment • Magnet camera attachment • USB data adapter/charger • USB power adapter/charger • user manual
Optional Accessories:
6mm X 1m Gooseneck Camera (Cat. No. 69450)
6mm X 1m Gooseneck Camera (Cat. No. 69451)
17mm X 1m Gooseneck Camera (Cat. No. 69454)
Borescope Extension -17mm X 1m (Cat. No. 69455)
Borescope Attachment Tools (Cat. No. 69457)
Batteries: Lithium Ion
Depth: 1.55'' (39 mm)
Height: 6.53'' (166 mm)
Always wear approved eye protection.
Do NOT use on energized circuits.
Do NOT probe moving machinery.
NOT for personal/medical use.