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Working at 101

Posted on:September 12, 2014

Turning 101 years old would be a major milestone in anyone’s life, so how did Herman “Hy” Goldman celebrate his 101st birthday? By going to work.

Yep, Hy still clocks in at his 9-to-5 job four days a week….as he’s done for the last 73 YEARS! As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he’s worked at the same company for that entire time.

So, what has kept Hy coming back for more than seven decades? Electrical work, of course!

We learned all about Hy from the Electric Web Blogger.

Hy Goldman working at 101 years old

They write that Hy works at Capitol Lighting in East Hanover, New Jersey, where he’s done everything from sweeping the floors to store manager. These days he gets to do what he really loves, refurbishing and transforming broken and discarded electrical lighting fixtures to re-sell in the store.

Hy was hired at family-owned Capitol Lighting on June 1, 1941. He was drafted into the Army two years later and served during World War II. After coming out of the Army in 1946, he went right back to work at Capitol and has been there ever since.

Hy says he attributes his long tenure to having the right approach to work.

“The mind has to be set to do it and the heart has to be set to do it,” he says. “It has to be in your genes.”

Hy, who is a great-grandfather, still drives himself to and from work every day and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

“As long as there is the strength to do it, I’ll do it,” he says.

Happy Birthday Hy Goldman!

Well, we here at Klein Tools wish Hy the best and many more years of strength and good health! Hy – If you are reading this, keep an eye out for a belated birthday gift from us!

By the way, Hy’s story caught the attention of several news stations around New Jersey – and he even got a shout out from David Letterman! Check it out:

Hy Goldman working at 101 years old - David Letterman

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