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Luck of the Electrician

Posted on:March 13, 2014

I know St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, but I’m starting to think the luck may be with electricians right now, instead of the Irish! Let me give you three examples of why:

  • Thomas Mainella: This 62-year-old electrician from Long Island, NY learned that bad traffic can actually be VERY rewarding. According to the NY Post, Mainella found himself stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on his way home from work recently. Instead of letting his frustration escalate, he opted to bail out and wait it out at a nearby gift shop. While there, Mainella decided to try his luck at the Set for Life scratch-off lottery game and bought six tickets. Sure enough, the fifth one was the charm and made him a winner of $5 million dollars! Not too shabby for a guy just killing time waiting for traffic to clear out. The Post says he doesn’t have plans for the winnings yet, but does plan to keep working until his fiancée retires.
  • Alvin Yazzie: This electrician in Chandler, AZ bought a Powerball ticket last month hoping to win a huge $425 million jackpot. He didn’t get the jackpot, but his ticket was worth a cool $1 million. Yazzie says he plans to use the winnings to take his wife on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.
  • Robert Fisher: This Madison, GA electrician and his wife were also $1 million Powerball winners last month. The parents of two plan to use their winnings to pay off bills, make home renovations, and work on their retirement.

Now, I’m not trying to encourage gambling, but if my job title was “electrician,” I might be tempted to make a quick stop at the gas station on my way home tonight.

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