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What’s the deal with #kleincrusaders?

Posted on:November 2, 2017

“How can I get free tools?”
“Can I help spread the word about Klein products?”
“Where can I get some Klein gear?”

Questions like these come up regularly from our followers, especially when we share posts from our new Klein Crusaders program.

For those in the United States, we have several ways for you to stay connected with us, get chances to win free tools, earn points toward sweet gear and provide honest feedback on our products.

Join the Klein Tradesman Club

The absolute best way to make sure you have access to top product content, loyalty rewards, monthly giveaways and a chance to be selected for Klein Crusaders is to sign up for the Klein Tradesman Club.

Please note: at this time, Klein’s Loyalty Rewards and Klein Crusaders programs are only available to U.S. residents. International followers can, however, register for the Klein Tradesman Club to stay up to date on new product information and participate in relevant surveys.

All new U.S. members are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards program, which allows you to earn points toward specific tools and gear by interacting with Klein in various ways. Current members can view all ongoing promotions, including the loyalty rewards activities, on their active offers page

Once registered, you can make sure you’re not missing out on any promotional activities by opting-in to all Klein Tools communications. Click here to check your settings.

Volunteer for the #kleincrusade

Klein Tools’ newest U.S. program, Klein Crusaders, gives active members of the Klein Tradesman Club – who match round-specific criteria – a chance to receive a FREE tool in exchange for contributing honest reviews to online sources.

Klein sends invitations to Tradesman Club members who meet the round’s criteria, giving each an incentive to invite their tool-loving friends and coworkers to participate. All Crusaders compete to earn points based on reviews and other content they post and submit to Klein Tools.

If you’d like to increase your odds of being selected for the next round of Klein Crusaders, send an email to TradesmanClub@kleintools.com with your name and line of work. Every round so far has had different team captains, so your odds of being included are good!

Submit posts that earn the most

Point awards range from 0-30 per content submission, with a maximum award of 600 points per round of Klein Crusaders. The Crusader with the most points at the end of the round wins the Grand Prize – currently, a 41-piece Journeyman Tool Set.

Members of the Klein Crusaders team award points based on how helpful it would be for another potential customer. Since that can be subjective, here are some tips and tricks for earning more points for your reviews.

5 ways to maximize points in #kleincrusaders

  1. Describe benefits and special features. While we love to hear that you are using the product, reviews are more helpful to other potential Klein Tools customers when accompanied with specific ways the product’s features helped you get the job done. Include information on unique ways you’ve used the tool and how this product is different from other solutions you’ve tried.
  2. Include original photos and videos. You’ve heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That remains true with product reviews. Show off the tool and let other tradespeople see it on the job to earn more points. Even better – post a video of how you used it!
  3. Post publically on relevant sites and groups. Posting in groups is a great way to reach a variety of audiences with your posts, but make sure they are relevant to the content and the product. Avoid marketplace groups or Facebook trading posts. Instead, find pages directed towards professional trades or tools. Additionally, when you post privately, we can’t view your post, making it difficult to assign point values. Make your posts public and include the hashtag #kleincrusaders, and we will be able to find your reviews and quickly award points.
  4. Generate unique content. While you will receive points for posting similar content across different platforms, maximize the amount you will receive by differentiating your submissions. Attach different photos or switch-up your descriptions to continue being rewarded.
  5. Include valid links and screenshots with your submission. Help us find your posts by including links to your posts after they have been published. Attach a screenshot, so we can confirm which post is yours at the provided link and then award the corresponding points.

A few recent submissions from the active Klein Crusaders campaign testing the NCVT4-IR.

Connect with Klein

Follow Klein Tools across our various social media channels for more opportunities to participate in special giveaways or promotions. You can also text “KLEIN” to 313131 (U.S. only) to receive a weekly text message with special product updates, giveaways or other contest information.

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