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A View From The Field

Posted on:June 24, 2013

Knowing your work environment and surroundings is an essential part of every tradesman’s daily work experience.  On a recent jobsite visit one of our field specialists met with Voice-Data-Video technicians who were installing a large cable to provide antenna signals within a hospital.  To ensure a clean environment, the tradesmen had to work inside of small tents no larger than their ladders. The tents had been taped to the floor and ceiling, only allowing access through a zipper door in order to seal them off from the rest of the facility.  The cable was brought in on a large reel which also needed to be installed in a tent before being mounted into a cable tray in the ceiling.  Even though this installation was being performed in a ceiling area, maintaining a clean work environment was crucial to ensure the job was completed to its fullest potential.  Any type of contamination (dust, dirt, particles, etc.) can have a negative impact on whatever environment you’re working in.  In this case, test results and human health care could be directly affected by any potential contamination.  Beyond the ethical issue of making sure every precaution is taken to ensure a healthy work environment, maintaining safety for yourself and others can also result in a long term working relationship with the owner of the facility.  Taking every precaution to guarantee the health and welfare of the people coming in and out of the facility everyday will lead to a bond of trust as you build up your reputation as a thorough and responsible tradesman. 

At Klein Tools we are out in the field everyday observing, learning and researching to provide professionals with the latest products and innovations to help get the job done quickly and to its fullest potential.  You can find a large assortment of Personal Protective Equipment & Safety Products in our online catalog.  Stay tuned for more experiences in the field from Klein Tools.  

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