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Homeowners Save Big with Renewable Energy Solutions

Posted on:January 11, 2019

Developing renewable energy practices sounds like a large-scale initiative, but local homeowners can contribute greatly to its success. Though National Cut Energy Costs Day passed (Jan. 10), it’s still just important to stay up to date on environmental considerations. Join Klein Tools in recognizing how sustainable solutions help homeowners conserve energy, and costs.

According to the Environmental Defense Fund, the clean energy economy provides up to four million jobs in the Unites States, which includes four main employment sectors: renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and advanced vehicles and transportation. These industries only continue to grow in result of decreased technology costs and an increased demand for sustainability. With the help of tradespeople, cities nationwide can successfully make the crossover to renewable energy systems.

In fact, Klein’s “State of the Industry” survey results show that 43 percent of electricians have seen an increase in the amount of sustainable energy projects. While swapping out incandescent bulbs with LEDs can save some green, skilled professionals take renewable energy one-step further. Residential electricians complete high-tech installations, including automation systems and alternative energy sources, helping homeowners make the leap to sustainability.

From small adjustments like thermostat automation to rooftop solar panels, green-collared tradespeople equip homeowners with sustainable solutions needed to save energy and costs.

Getting ready to make the switch to renewable energy isn’t easy. Contractors must have an existing knowledge of available resources, building codes and other installation considerations, such as location and energy needs. Energy use varies from house to house, so knowing this information helps determine which system will adequately meet a homeowner’s electricity needs. Common solutions include solar, wind, hydropower or hybrid electric systems.

So, how do these systems stack-up big savings? Solar panels alone can generate savings up to $30,000 over a 20-year period. Small wind electric systems also have the potential to lower electricity bills by 50 to 90 percent.

If initial costs raise concerns, keep in mind that investments in renewable energy are long-term. The good news is that according to the International Renewable Energy Agency, by 2020, all existing renewable power generation technologies are expected to fall within the fossil-fuel cost range. Lowered costs can make it that much easier for individuals and communities at large to adopt renewable energy practices.

How have you seen the trades evolve across residential, commercial and industrial jobsites with the growth of sustainable solutions? Share your experiences with us on social media.

Learn more about the popularity of sustainable energy jobs among electricians in Klein Tools’ State of the Industry Survey here.

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