Heavy-Duty Jobs Demand Heavy-Duty Tools

Klein’s robust product development team is dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of skilled tradespeople worldwide. Our team identifies new jobsite challenges as they appear, working to find innovative solutions that better equip professionals for their daily workloads. As efficiency remains a priority across all industries, demanding deadlines drive a universal need for more efficient, more ergonomic tools.

For line and utility workers specifically, working with heavy-duty materials becomes tiresome when using traditional, manual hand tools, which can cause fatigue after repetitive use. That’s why, nowadays, Klein’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable tools goes beyond our traditional core products.

Check out the following #NewKleins – now available in the multipurpose and battery-operated product categories – to learn more about today’s newest jobsite solutions.

Klein Tools’ complete Battery-Operated product line and 2-in-1 Impact Socket Set (Cat. No. 66010) are designed specifically with line and utility workers in mind, helping to get the day’s tasks completed more efficiently than ever.

Whether helping to lighten your tool bag or ease physical strain when used over long work days, multi-purpose, ergonomic hand tools have become recognized as an everyday jobsite essential. According to Klein Tools’ “State of the Industry” survey, 76 percent of millennials specifically prefer multi-functional tools over standard hand tools. Their reasoning? To successfully complete various tasks across different jobsites without having to haul unnecessary tools.

Typically, tradespeople will use multiple impact socket sizes in their daily work, manually switching between varying sizes as needed. This process, however, can be time-consuming and inconvenient. That’s why Klein’s 2-in-1 Impact Socket Set includes 12 commonly used socket sizes with hands-free adjustment, so professionals can switch between sizes without removing their work gloves. This 6-piece socket set is easy-to-store and comes complete with one convenient carrying case, helping to reduce the amount of time and effort required to finish the job.

Additionally, Klein’s recent battery-operated product launch maximizes the crimping, cutting and driving power of the heavy-duty tools professionals need to keep the power on in our communities – without tiring out from all-day use. For example, the redesigned Gear-Driven Cable Cutters now feature replaceable insert blades and can cut copper, aluminum, ACSR and ½-inch EHS cable, enabling line workers to complete typically tough tasks with one easy-to-use tool. The complete collection of new battery-operated cable cutters, crimpers and an impact wrench enable greater jobsite capabilities and advanced cutting power.

It’s no secret – the world has changed since the first pair of Klein Pliers was forged together for a telegraph lineman in need in 1857. Still today, our company remains dedicated to the skilled professionals – line and utility workers as well as tradespeople across all fields – who have come to depend on Klein Tools to help get the job done right no matter the day’s tasks.

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