Essential Tools for Essential Workers

During these trying times, we recognize how hard your jobs can be. Being trade professionals, many of you remain needed and at work, even as the majority of the population works remotely or not at all. We’ve started to hear your stories about the work you’re continuing to do, and how it’s contributing to keeping the economy moving forward.

-I am a plant electrician for Miami-Dade county Water and Sewer in Florida. All of the great workers for the county are here to support the people in the surrounding areas in these challenging times. – Michael, Florida

- As a third year electrical apprentice, I work for one of the biggest companies in the Tampa Bay area, APG Electric. We provide a large array of services and products, but the most important to me is to provide and maintain life safety services to a large number of health care facilities and hospitals across Florida. – Alan, Florida

-The small contractor that I am currently working for, we are inspecting, cleaning and maintaining traffic signals and cabinets around various communities close to where the shop is located. We also do residential, commercial and industrial service calls but, due to the recent outbreaks, that side has been really slow. – Matt, Illinois

We appreciate you continuing to choose Klein Tools during this time. We want to hear from more of you about how your tools are keeping you going on the jobs that don’t stop. Click here to tell us your story about your #essentialtoolsforessentialworkers and you’ll also have the chance to win some of our essential tools.