Do the Heavy Lifting with Klein

Last week we started looking at some of the categories of tools that Klein Tools produces that may not be as well-known as our electrical and HVAC tools. This week, we continue that series, taking a look at Mining & Heavy Industry Tools. While these tools may be quite familiar to some, there’s plenty of people who may have never come across some of these more job specific tools.

These bars are designed to give you leverage when positioning and aligning. Available with different set angles, these bars feature either a tapered end or a chiseled end, depending on what your particular jobsite needs are.

Chisels & Punches
Klein Tools offers sets of both brass punches and pin punches, as well as individual wire rope punches and pin punches. Both pin and brass punches feature knurled handles for easy gripping, and you can choose which material right depending on if you need a softer or harder punch. Our wire rope punches come in numerous sizes and are used to safely drive out pins and keys in machinery. They feature a two-handed rubber handle to lessen shocks from blows as well as head attached with wire rope to do the same.  Our Alloy Cross Cut Cold Chisel is forged from chrome alloy steel and is used for removing oil seals as well as cutting in corners and other confined areas.

Heavy Industry Tools
A majority of this category is made up of various steel wedges, which are used for splitting mating surfaces, as well as for leveling machinery and structures before fixing in place. Additionally, this category features a star dropper hammer, for driving in star droppers, marker pegs, stakes and concreting stakes.

Mining Hammers
Available in four different weights, these sledgehammers feature brass heads designed for use in non-sparking environments. Additionally, the heads are designed to deliver, softer, non-damaging blows. The rubber grip handle provides for protection from vibration and shock, as well as including overstrike protections and large sweep at the base to prevent loss of grip.

How many of these tools have you used before? Did you know that Klein Tools produced them? Let us know in the comments!