Check Your Tool Bags for these Limited-Edition Klein Tools Products

Since Klein Tools’ founding more than 160 years ago, our company, and family, has celebrated many important milestones. Along the way, several limited-edition Klein Tools products have helped to recognize the impact we’ve made together. From significant anniversaries to honoring the tradespeople that keep the world running, we owe it all to you – the skilled professionals that get the job done right day-in and day-out.

Check out the following limited-edition Klein Tools products, and let us know which ones you have seen in action on the job.

2007 – 150th Anniversary Tools (Various model numbers)

To commemorate Klein’s 150th anniversary, popular Journeyman™ tools were lasered with a distinct logo, celebrating the tradespeople who depend on Klein Tools. Klein’s Journeyman™ product line is well-known for maximum comfort and durability. Following this reputation, each tool featured signature Journeyman™ dual-material grips for all-day use.

Available products included: Side-Cutting Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Diagonal-Cutting Pliers, Crimper, Pump Pliers, Cable Cutter and a 25’ Tape Measure.

2013 – Camouflage 2000 Series High-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers (Cat. No. C2000-9NE)

Many of Klein’s dedicated customers and their loved ones are current or retired military members. To honor these individuals and their sacrifices, the Klein team transformed the look of Journeyman™ Side-Cutting Pliers. This model included an exclusive plastic-dipped camouflage handle design and a distinct black-oxide plier head with a laser-etched “Support Our Troops” logo.

Additional support to U.S. military members included donating $25,000 to Operation Homefront, an organization dedicated to supporting service members and their families in need.

2017 – 160th Anniversary Pliers (Cat. No. J2000-9NECLX)

Now celebrating 160 years of innovation, Klein re-introduced its anniversary pliers. Upholding the superior quality standards set by Mathias Klein in 1857, this prideful plier model featured unique red, white and blue Journeyman™ handles and a unique engraveing, which pictured the American flag along with Klein’s 160th anniversary logo.

2017 – Fallen Linemen Tribute Pliers (Cat. No. FL2000-9NE)

Line workers are the backbone of the world’s infrastructure and hold a significant role in our company history because the first pair of Klein pliers was forged together for a telegraph lineman in need. The limited-edition Fallen Lineman Tribute Pliers honor those who have given their lives to keep the lights on rain or shine.

In conjunction with National Lineman Appreciation Day (April 18), Klein Tools also donated $12,000 to three non-profit organizations who provide aid and assistance to the families of fallen lineman:

  1. National Association of Journeyman Linemen
  2. The Fallen Linemen
  3. National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen

2018 – 45 Presidential Pliers (Not available to public)

Representing one of 50 companies invited to the White House to participate in the “Made in America Product Showcase” called for a one-of-a-kind design. In addition to the red, white and blue handles and American flag, this model was also engraved with the presidential seal. Klein Tools appreciated the opportunity to be recognized for our ongoing dedication to supporting American manufacturing and American jobs.

Unfortunately, none of these models are currently in-stock or available for sale through our standard distributors. We are excited, however, to continue to commemorate special people, events and dates with limited-edition tools in the future. Stay connected with us for exclusive opportunities to all things Klein 2019 and beyond.

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