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Are You A Journeyman?

Posted on:July 16, 2013

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Throughout his lifetime, Mathias A. Klein, founder of Klein Tools, worked hard to ensure that his family business offered the highest quality hand tools.  Mathias did not spend much time out of his workspace throughout the course of his life, working every day until his death at the age of 92.  He understood the traveling man though, whether it was a telephone repair man fixing power lines for an entire county, or a plumber running from house to house fixing leaking pipes.  This was the kind of man Mathias admired and wanted to serve: The Journeyman. 

To honor the men Mathias thought so highly of, we only stamp the Journeyman name on our highest quality tools.  The series began with the crafting of the Journeyman handle which was designed for durability and comfort.  Many brands have tried to duplicate the Journeyman handle, but as you know, nothing beats the original.  The Klein Journeyman handles feature a state-of-the-art dual material molding process that allows for a softer, more comfortable grip on the outer surface with the strength of Klein Tools you expect underneath. 

Our Journeyman line began with pliers, screwdrivers and cable cutters but the most recent addition is our line of Journeyman T-Handle Hex Keys.  These tools closely follow in the Journeyman tradition, featuring dual-material handles with soft touch grips for maximum control and comfort.  The innovation of this line comes in the form of the blade-through handle design.  The blade-through handle features a shorter hex key extending out through the handle so that you’re covered when working in close quarters, or have a job that requires extra torque.

Are you a Journeyman?  

With our Journeyman Series we believe the bar has been raised.  Any tool emblazoned with the Journeyman name represents the best of Klein quality and workmanship combined with the latest innovations in handle design.  These tools aren’t for every man; they’re for the ones that desire top craftsmanship and professional results.  So if you want to just get by and go home, then check out the knockoffs offered by the competition.  Pros know that every time they pick up a Klein product, they get the same consistent quality and performance.  Although Mathias Klein may not be around to see your handy work, he would be proud to see you with a Journeyman handle in your hand.  

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