Business Philosophies

Since 1857, Klein Tools, Inc. has been and intends to remain, a family-owned and family-managed corporation. The Company's business philosophy, drawn from the collective beliefs of the Klein family, is as follows:
Klein Tools - Business Philosophy

We Believe

that honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical behavior form the cornerstone of a successful company.

We will engage in no activity and countenance no practices that would be embarrassing to us if made public.

We will apply these standards in all dealings with our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, public officials, and others affected by our activities.

We will comply with all legal requirements placed on the Company by duly constituted authorities.

We Believe

that our people are our most valuable resource.

We will strive to maintain a climate that 1) fosters employee initiative, innovation and creativity, challenges employees, and encourages the acceptance of responsibility and 2) imbues each employee with the desire to contribute to the Company's success to the best of the employee's abilities.

We will strive to maintain human resource policies that will enable the Company to attract, develop and retain highly capable people at all organizational levels.

We, in accordance with federal, state and local law, will strive to be an equal opportunity employer and not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability.

We Believe

that the quality of our products and services must equal or exceed our customers' expectations.

We, considering the product and service standards established by government agencies, industry associations or independent standard-setting organizations to be minimum requirements only, will seek, wherever possible, to exceed such standards to enhance the value of the product or service delivered to our customers.

We will take all reasonable precautions to 1) design, manufacture, inspect, and test our products and services to assure proper and safe performance when used as intended; and 2) inform potential and actual users as to proper and safe usage to avoid injury.

We, in recognition that anything less than an all-encompassing approach to excellence is eventually doomed to failure, will focus our efforts to do not only the "big things," but also the "little things," right.

We Believe

in the American free enterprise system and its profit motivation as an effective and equitable means of assuring opportunities for the Company, its employees, shareholders and others to achieve their individual and collective goals.

We Believe

that corporate philanthropic endeavors are an important element of our responsibilities as a "citizen" of the United States and of the localities in which we operate.

We will support, financially and otherwise, worthwhile charities, educational institutions, and other organizations working to improve socio-economic conditions with emphasis on those working in the localities in which we have facilities.

We will also encourage individual employees to actively participate in such organizations.