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What Makes a Good Candidate

Posted on:July 20, 2015

The submissions are just pouring in for our Electrician of the Year search! We’ve been looking through the nominations as they’ve come in and we already have some really great candidates for our regional finalists. Of course, we’d love to see more, so I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some electricians I’ve read about who are excellent examples of what we are looking for in our Electrician of the Year.

2015 Electrician of the Year
Courtesy of Chicago Tribune Photo courtesty of Chicago Tribune        

One of these people we talked about last year in the Klein Tools blog. But his story is so great that I felt it was very much worth repeating. His name is Chris, and his story appeared in the Chicago Tribune. The paper reported that Chris was the originator of the window message tradition that has become incredibly popular in Chicago. Window messages appear in skyscrapers, and often spell out messages like, “Go Hawks,” for when the Blackhawks were vying for the Stanley Cup. It’s not so much that Chris founded this tradition that makes him a great Electrician of the Year candidate. It is the impact he had on others and the lengths those people went through to honor Chris after his untimely death. Definitely read the article to see what I’m talking about.

Photo courtesy of Nathan Dyer Photo courtesy of Nathan Dyer        

Another great story I came across just a couple of weeks ago is proof that even people who are new to the trade can have what it takes to be a nominee. Adam is just 26-years-old, but he’s already found a way to use his trade skills in his spare time to help others. He founded an organization that matches people with practical skills to come up with solutions help people with disabilities.

“I used to make little projects on the side anyway,” he told the Herald Sun newspaper. “But building it for a purpose makes it more fun and rewarding.” Adam says he’s made 13 devices since joined the group in 2013, including ways to help people get in and out of cars, navigate their kitchen and bathroom more easily, and participate in athletics like golf and cricket.

So, now that you have an idea of the kind of people we’re looking for, let me give you some more specific criteria:

Nominees will be evaluated on this criteria:

Professional Achievement
Electrician of the Year - Professional Achievement
The nominee exhibits pride of ownership in difficult electrical work. Tell us what sets the nominee’s projects apart from the others. Focus on the electrical system and think about how an electrical inspector (or other electricians) would critique the installed work. Please take photos of the craftsmanship and submit with the entry.
Safety Excellence
Electrician of the Year - Safety Excellence
The nominee takes job-site safety to the highest standards. Tell us how they have shown a commitment to safety and taken active steps to minimize industry-related injuries through workplace electrical safety education and/or programs. Describe best practices or tips they provide to ensure a safe work environment.
Community Dedication
Electrician of the Year - Community Dedication
The nominee provides a valuable community service. Community service efforts are not limited to the electrical industry and can be any type of community service. Provide a description of the activity and who it benefited, photos, people involved, and outcomes.

The nomination process is simple. Just write down why the person you are nominating fits the criteria above, provide pictures (if you have them), and then click “Submit.” So, if you know someone who fits this criteria, then PLEASE nominate them! (And yes, you can also nominate yourself).

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the ridiculously awesome grand prize we are giving away, but just in case, check out this video to see it.

You still have about a month and a half to submit your nominations (deadline is August 31st), but that time will go fast. So, go to to nominate yourself or another deserving electrician ASAP!

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