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Posted on:April 1, 2015

No matter how many hooks, clips or magnets we use, or how many pouches or bags we create, the chief complaint we still hear about meters and other test and measure equipment is: They are bulky and a pain to carry around the jobsite.

It’s a problem we were pondering awhile back in a product planning meeting. Our brainstorming session had stalled and in the silence of the conference room, all you could hear was the clock ticking and someone tapping a pencil on a pad of paper. And then I saw someone across the room glance down to check their watch…and it hit me: What if you could WEAR your meter, like a watch.

That is how the brand-new Klein Tools Test & Measurement - Wearables line was born.

So naturally, this new line includes an MM550 Multimeter Watch, and also an NCVT-R Non-Contact Voltage Tester Ring and the IR-4EYES Infrared Thermometer Glasses.

The MM550 Multimeter Watch features the same 3-button functionality as our MM500 Auto-Ranging Multimeter and measures continuity, resistance and voltage. It measures AC & DC voltage up to 750V and includes both visual and audible continuity indicators up to 25Ω. The watch face features a 4000 count LCD display with an auto hold feature that captures the first stable displayed value. The test leads attach easily to the side of the watch face and can be wrapped around the wrist for convenient storage.

Have a non-contact voltage tester on hand at all times with the new Klein Tools NCVT-R Ring! Just like our NCVT-2 tester, this ring can detect both low (12-48V AC) and standard voltage (48-1000V AC). It uses both visual and audible indicators to signify which level of voltage is being detected: a slow, red blinking LED light with a low-pitched pulsing beeping sound indicates low-voltage. A continuous red LED light and high-pitched continuous beeping sound indicates standard-voltage. This ring-style tester also has a high-intensity green LED light that indicates the tester is on and functioning, and can also help illuminate the workspace. The ring band is adjustable and it comes with a leather covered ring box for storage.

Using an Infrared Thermometer is now as simple as looking in the right direction, with the Klein Tools IR-4EYES Infrared Thermometer Glasses. The single-laser is positioned on the side of the glasses, so you can easily look to where you want to measure. Then activate the laser and the readings will display directly on the lenses of the glasses. It features a 12:1 spot ratio to quickly check in all types of environments, hazardous extreme temperature ranges, or remote areas. The measurement range is: -76° to 1400°F. These IR glasses are available with easily interchangeable clear and tinted lenses, and it even has a clip on the side for easy and secure portability.

These glasses are approximately the size of a pair of safety glasses, so they fit well into hard molded pockets like this one found on our Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack.

I am sure you are just as excited about these new Wearable options for Test & Measurement equipment, and I can assure you there are many more items like these already in the works.

If you have any suggestions for other Wearable Test & Measurement tools, we’d love to hear about them. Just email us your ideas!

Thanks and Happy April Fools Day!

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