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Posted on:April 11, 2014

I’m always surprised by the random places I see Klein Tools products or Klein branded items.

I spotted a Klein screwdriver in the wine section at a grocery store. At Buffalo Wild Wings, I saw a guy chowing down on wings while wearing a Klein Tools t-shirt. And there are Klein Lineman Buckets in use in one of the harbors in downtown Chicago. I’ve also seen Klein tools make cameos on some of those home design shows on TV.

More recently Klein Tools products have been spotted on other TV shows, some of them on major networks. Check it out!

Did you spot the Klein long-nose pliers on NBC’s The Blacklist? One of the main characters used them to take apart the base of a lamp to find what her husband had hidden there.

Crisis fans might’ve spotted this Klein Tools Canvas Tool Bag on episode three of this NBC show. It was holding items used to carry out a revenge torture on one of the characters.

The guys on Bering Sea Gold know good quality products. They were recently spotted toting a Klein Tools Canvas Bucket on their boat!

And Orange Is the New Black has an entire tool room full of Klein products!

Have you spotted Klein tools on any other TV shows? Or where is the most surprising place you’ve seen a Klein product? Tell us, or even better show us, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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