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Tool Kit, 18-Piece


  • Took Kit contains comfortable and durable tools for the professional
  • 18-Piece Tool Set contains one Journeyman side-cutting pliers, one Journeyman diagonal-cutting pliers, one Journeyman long-nose pliers, one Journeyman pump pliers, one adjustable wrench, one phillips-tip screwdriver, one wire-bending screwdriver,
  • two cabinet-tip screwdrivers, one Rapi-Driv® screwdriver, one square-recess tip screwdriver, two nut drivers, one power-return rule, one Klein-Kurve® wire stripper/cutter, one protective eyewear, one Powerline work belt, one 10-pocket tool pouch
  • Must-have tools for electrical wiring and connecting work
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The Klein Tools Journeyman 18-Piece Tool Set includes many of the vital tools needed for electrical wiring and connecting work. Featured in this tool set are Klein Journeyman pliers. These pliers have dual-material handles providing added comfort and grip. This set also comes with a handy work belt and a 10-pocket tool pouch.

Journeyman Tool Set
Electrical Wiring and Connecting Work
Special Features:
Includes Many of the Vital Tools Needed for Electrical Wiring and Connecting Work
Number of Pieces:
18 Piece Tool Kit, 8'' Long Nose Pliers, (Cat. No. J203-8N), 10'' Pump Pliers, (Cat. No. J502-10), 10'' Adjustable Wrench, (Cat. No. D507-10), #1 Phillips Screwdriver 3'' Shank, (Cat. No. 603-3), #2 Wire Bending Phillips Screwdriver, (Cat. No. 604-3B), 1/4'' Cabinet Tip Screwdriver 4'' Shank, (Cat. No. 6054), 1/4'' Cabinet Tip Screwdriver 6'' Shank, (Cat. No. 605-6), 1/4'' Nutdriver 3'' Shaft, (Cat. No. 603-14), 5/16'' Nutdriver 3'' Shaft, (Cat. No. 630-516), #2 Square Screwdriver 4''Shank, (Cat. No. 662), 3/16'' Cabinet Rapi Dri® 6'' Shaft, (Cat. No. 6706), 25' Tape Measure, (Cat. No. 86225), 9'' Lineman's Pliers, (Cat. No. J200048), 8'' Angled Pliers, (Cat. No. 5165), 10 Pocket Tool Pouch, (Cat. No. 5165), 54'' L x 2'' W Web Work Belt, (Cat. No. 5705), 10 to 18 Solid and 12 to 20 AWG Stranded Wire Stripper, (Cat. No. 11055), Protective Eyewear (Cat. No. 60053)
11.6 lb (5.3 kg)
Additional Information
  • Always wear approved eye protection.
  • NOT insulated. Do NOT use these tools on or near live electrical circuits.
  • Do NOT use screwdrivers to pry or chisel.
  • The tool belt provided in this kit is NOT an occupational protective belt.
  • Do NOT open the tape measure case. Spring motor is under tension, and opening case may cause injury.