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Chicago® Grip with Latch 0.55'' Cable


  • Hot-line grips for steel stranded cable
  • Grip may be placed on wire with hot-line stick
  • When stick is removed, latch closes automatically to guard against grip accidentally disengaging from wire
  • Standard hot-line grips are not supplied with springs or lock-open features
  • When springs or lock-open features are desired, add prefix letter ''S'' before catalog number (example: S1684-5H)
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Steel Stranded Cable
Cable Diameter:
0.12'' to 0.37'' (30.05 to 9.40 mm)
Jaw Length:
4.188'' (106.4 mm)
Maximum Safe Load:
4500 lb (2041 kg)
3.15 lb (1.43 kg)
Additional Information
  • Before each use, clean jaw area and inspect grip for proper operation to avoid slippage.
  • When used on/near energized lines, ground, insulate, or isolate grip before pulling.
  • Do not exceed rated capacity.
  • Always match proper size and type of grip to application.
  • Grips are to be used for temporary installation, not for permanent anchorage.