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Klein Havens® Cable Grip 0.25'' Capacity


  • Designed for use when light, compact grip is desired and where conductor damage is not a factor
  • Gripping pressure of the knurled jaw is applied to 1/4-Inch (6.35 mm) cable area
  • Maximum safe load is 2500-pounds
  • Approximate weight of each is 1-pound
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Klein Tools' 1604 Series Messenger and Guy Strand Haven's Grips are designed for use when a light, compact grip is desired, and where cable deformation is not a factor. They are recommended for use with steel strand cables. All Klein grips are manufactured from custom drop-forged steel that is machined and heat treated for excellent durability. Each grip is individually hand inspected and actuated for proper function. Grips are also rigorously tested and pulled to rated load to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Overall Length:
6.5'' (165.1 mm)
Cable Diameter:
0.06'' to 0.25'' (1.52 to 6.35 mm)
Cable Type:
Messenger and Guy Strand
Maximum Safe Load:
2500 lb (1134 kg)
0.95 lb (0.43 kg)
Additional Information
  • Before each use, clean jaw area and inspect grip for proper operation to avoid slippage.
  • When used on/near energized lines, ground, insulate, or isolate grip before pulling.
  • Do not exceed rated capacity.
  • Always match proper size and type of grip to application.
  • Grips are to be used for temporary installation, not for permanent anchorage.