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Adjustable Nylon-Filament Lanyard, 7 to 12-Foot


  • Unique and versatile connecting device designed for use in fall-arrest systems. Suited for workers on transmission towers and other elevated sites
  • The wire pigtail is constructed from 7/32-Inch (6 mm) flexible steel cable and is coated in durable vinyl for a total diameter of 9/32'' (7 mm)
  • The pigtail is designed to wrap around structural members with sharp edges and attach back onto itself using a Klein-Lok® snap-hook. Never attach rope-lanyard end back onto itself
  • This connecting device must only be fastened to structures (or other anchorages) that are capable of supporting 5000-pounds
  • The adjustable long-strand nylon filament lanyard is 1/2-Inch (13 mm) in diameter and is permanently attached to the pigtail end
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Adjustable Length:
7' (2.13 m) to 12' (3.66 m)
24'' (609.6 mm) Pigtail
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