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Short-Term Lodging Opportunities Emerge for the Trades

Posted on:August 24, 2018

The skilled trades gap continues to be the topic of many conversations, but why? According to ManpowerGroup’s 2018 Talent Shortage Survey, skilled trades positions are the hardest to fill globally. New worksites arise from coast-to-coast and across seas, and still, as more experienced tradespeople leave the field, there’s a lack of qualified workers to fill positions. When large-scale projects break ground, some contractors call tradespeople to the area, needing additional hands on the job. Professionals move to new cities to pursue these opportunities, which can be permanent or oftentimes, temporary.

Depending on the job at stake, professionals rely on short-term housing rentals for stable, albeit interim, homes in their new communities. Victoria News reports that one Langford developer noted one quarter of his rental property was being utilized by construction workers. Though not built specifically with tradespeople in mind, the property’s convenient, short-term housing quickly attracted them.

When new jobsites break ground in cities around the world, the local demand for tradespeople grows.
Some professionals re-locate to the area, looking for short-term housing rentals and other vacancies.

Millennials have also been recognized for their use of short-term rentals. AirBNB’s “The Rise of Millennial Travel” report states that 60 percent of all guests who have ever booked an overnight stay are, in fact, millennials. Young travelers are drawn to these vacancies because of their unique, local experiences, but those benefits can apply to tradespeople re-locating to the area as well.

Soon, if not already, millennials will fulfil these aforementioned global jobsite call to actions. Employers continue to recruit the next generation of skilled professionals to the trades. Millennials recognize the field’s long-term job security and choose to enter the field because of the problem solving and technical aspects of the trades. Together, these trends introduce a unique opportunity for short-term lodging and living quarters, designed and offered specifically for the tradespeople, and millennials, temporarily working in and around local communities.

As a tradesperson, have you ever relied on short-term housing rentals? Share your experiences with us on social media.

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