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Quick and Dirty Tool Tips

Posted on:September 12, 2013

Sometimes when you’re on the job or working at home you may not have everything you need to get the job done. Ever drill a hole in the wrong spot? How about being short a wrench while helping a friend?  Instead of running out to the store, here are some quick tips for troubleshooting on the fly.

  • Say you’re working at home and accidentally drill a hole where you shouldn’t, to fix this take a wooden golf tee and put it into the hole as far as it will go.  Saw the tee off, sand the area and re-finish the wood.  Your wife will never know the difference.
  • If you need a wrench but don’t have one available, take a large bolt and spin on two nuts.  Leave enough space between the two nuts to fit whatever needs to be turned and you have yourself a quick and easy wrench.
  • If you have rusty tools and don’t have any Klein Tools Multi-Purpose Cleaner-Degreaser on hand, try applying some WD40 and scrubbing with sandpaper.  If that doesn’t do the trick, baking soda should remove the rust.  Mix the baking soda with lemon juice and spread the mixture across your rusty tools.  After you let it sit for a few minutes, wipe and dry. 
  • If you have exposed blades in your tool shed, an easy way to keep your tools safe from curious kids and sharp for future usage is to cut a section of garden hose and slit the hose lengthwise.  Place the opening over your blade and the rest of the hose should securely wrap itself around your tool.
  • Need a bottle opener after a job well done?  Well if for some reason you don’t have a Klein Beverage Tool handy, take a nail and drive it into a board so that there is a half inch left showing.  Bend the nail down and pry the bottle open with the nail head.

Do you have any quick tool tips that have come in handy in the past?   Post on our Facebook wall or hit us up on Twitter and let us know.

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