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Our Secret Sauce: New & Improved Screwdriver Steel

Posted on:July 31, 2013

As part of an ongoing effort to improve our manufacturing processes and ensure the highest quality products, our engineers have identified a new blend of steel for our Phillips tip and square recess screwdrivers.  This hard-hitting new steel was designed to strengthen the tips of our screwdrivers and create a superior level of toughness. 

You may be wondering, what makes this steel different from before?  While we can’t give away all of our secrets, we have increased the steel’s durability while reducing the likelihood that your screwdriver will cam out.  The end result is an enhanced screwdriver tip that will work harder and last longer than ever before.

Why Do Screwdrivers Cam Out?

The biggest reason for a cam out is when the torque driving the screw exceeds a certain amount. Simply, if you turn the screwdriver faster than the screw can handle, the screwdriver will fall out of place. When that happens, the screwdriver can’t do its job, and you can’t do yours.

The greatest revolution to prevent a cam out was the invention of the Phillips head screwdriver. The auto-centering ability of the Phillips head allowed for faster torque than ever before. This was especially important back in the day when car assembly lines wanted to pick up speed. Today, it’s one of the most used screw and screwdrivers in the world. However, even a Phillips head can cam out, and I’m sure we’ve all experienced that.  Think about times you wanted to get a job done so you could get home to your kids, or to see the first quarter kickoff. You tried to screw too fast and it doesn’t work. Your screwdriver will cam out every time.

Klein created our new blend of steel to help prevent as many cam outs as possible. The steel recipe creates a durable solution that helps keep the head of a screwdriver solid while you’re working through your day. Believe it or not, the smallest irregularities on the tip of your screwdriver can vastly affect its performance. Our steel is strong enough to help prevent those issues. 

So what’s our steel made of?

Well, sorry, but we can’t answer that. What is it about McDonald’s® French fries that makes our taste buds salivate in ways no other fried potato could dream of?  Why does Coke® taste so much different than the myriad of carbonated colas on the market?  These feats were accomplished because one fateful day a proprietary recipe was concocted.  Imagine the trial and error that went on before those recipes were established.  This is the same process that Klein Tools went through to create a new proprietary screwdriver steel, so we’d rather not say exactly what elements make this steel so great.

Witness this new proprietary steel for yourself as Klein Tools takes screwdriver quality to the next level.

Coke is a registered trademark of the Coca-Cola Company.

McDonald's is a registered trademark of McDonald's.

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