Meet the People and Tools that Power America's Passion

Powered North America at Night

In the early days of our company, 160 years ago, electricity wasn't a luxury – it was a mystery.

In 1857, before lightbulbs existed, a German immigrant named Mathias Klein discovered that his knowledge of forging made him a valuable, local resource for the linemen who were deploying Chicago's first telegraph system. His tools quickly became known among the tradesmen for their reliability and durability, so he founded a company around them: Mathias Klein & Sons, now known as Klein Tools.

Mathias' tools not only influenced the history of our company, but also played significant roles in U.S. history. Klein's tools helped skilled workers build Chicago's fast-growing infrastructure, and then rebuild it after the Great Chicago Fire destroyed most of the city in 1871. As the country grew, the product lines evolved to serve more industries and workers, including the U.S. military in World Wars I and II.

Since then, telecommunications and utilities industries worldwide have continued to drive demand for accessible innovation. Now, it's hard to imagine what life would be like without conveniences that electricity provides.

With our increasing dependence on the complex systems that power our days, Klein's mission to supply electricians with the tools they need to keep powering America is more relevant than ever. And, over the next 12 months, we're also making it our mission to honor the hard-working tradespeople who make sure that we have access to that power.

Join us in recognizing the professionals who transform a place or a moment into something exciting and magical. We're going behind the scenes to show you the hard work and resources that go into creating unforgettable experiences, like rocking out to your favorite live band, cheering on your high school football team under the Friday night lights or counting down in unison as a glowing sphere drops into the New Year!

We'll introduce you to the people who plan, design and execute those events to perfection. And, in the end, we hope that you'll have a whole new appreciation for the people and tools that power America's passion!