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Las Vegas Rigs Up Endless Entertainment

Posted on:December 7, 2018

More than 42 million visitors set foot in Las Vegas every year in search of one thing – entertainment. And they’ve come to the right place. The endless sightseeing and vibrant nightlife leaves no room for boredom. From live performances to sporting events, Fulton Rigging has an inside look at what it takes to make the magic happen. Need a hint? Just look up.

The Fun Starts with Fulton

Fulton Rigging is a rope access construction company, which specializes in working in tough places where access is challenging due to the height and/or the environment. For more than 20 years, these dedicated professionals have played a crucial role in Las Vegas’ entertainment industry by providing skilled rigging teams for jobs inside the Thomas & Mack Center and around Las Vegas.

Aerial Accomplishments

Complex rope systems help rigging crews access tough jobsites, including over the edge of buildings, underneath oil rigs or above awestruck audiences. To complete any rigging job, safety and time continue to drive success.

“As a professional rigger that’s in charge of a major venue that has very unique rigging, I am always looking for new tools and techniques to make things safer,” says Andrew Fulton, head rigger at Fulton Rigging. “When I took this job over, and a big part of being in here is moving these motors around all the time, I had to figure out simple techniques in order to be able to do this with just myself or another guy.”

Imagine moving a heavy sound system, all without touching the ground. A single misstep has the potential to cause expensive equipment to come crashing down, which is why every motion has to be precisely calculated.

“Typically, I never come in here by myself,” says Fulton. “But there are times where I’ve had to, and that’s why all these tools are important to me, because this is very technical.”

The scoreboard during a basketball game, an instant replay at the rodeo, a monster truck rally, a motocross competition or … the list goes on, but all of this, and so much more, is made possible by the crew working meticulously behind the scenes.

Fulton Rigging was another stop on our trip around the country to showcase the always impressive – and sometimes unusual – work that Klein-equipped professionals accomplish while climbing great heights to get the job done right.

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