Keep Calm and Share Electrician’s Memes

Internet photo meme’s….It seems you can’t escape them lately. And as much as I try to ignore them, every once in a while I come across one that catches my attention. That’s what happened this weekend, when a friend sent me a good one about electricity (scroll down to see it).

It got me thinking, I wonder what other good electricity/electrician meme’s are out there?

Apparently this Ireland-based website had the same idea. Their Career Meme’s of the Week is all about electricians.

I’ll admit, they found some pretty good ones. Here are a few more that I dug up:

Don’t mess with an electrician!

From our good friends at the IBEW.


In Internet speak, I believe this would be called a #FAIL

The requisite Cat meme…

(my personal favorite)

Know of any other good electricity/electrican meme’s? Let’s seem them! Share your favorite, or if you are feeling creative, make one of your own! (keep it clean people!).