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How to Remove a Splinter

Posted on:July 8, 2013

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Splinters suck.  Well, most splinters that is.  Master Splinter from the comic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is possibly the greatest splinter of all time, but he’s the exception to the rule.  There’s just no better way of putting it, splinters suck.  Trapped beneath the surface of your skin, it’s irritating how something seemingly so insignificant can be so annoying.  

Here are two unconventional methods for removing a splinter if a needle or tweezers have not already done the trick. 

Usually the first reaction to a splinter is, “I’ll just squeeze it out.”  However, this can embed the splinter further into your skin, or if it’s brittle you may break it into smaller pieces.  Here’s how to handle both wood and fiberglass splinters:


  1. After you’ve resisted the urge to squeeze, find a potato and cut it into slices. 
  2. Place one slice onto the splinter and hold it there without applying pressure.  
  3. Place the rest of the slices in a deep fryer for a nice snack later.
  4. After about 10 to 20 minutes, remove the potato slice and the splinter should be pulled out with it.  (If your splinter is not gone, at the very least you have a tasty snack)


While wood splinters are usually unavoidable, fiberglass splinters should now be an annoyance of the past after Klein Tools released a new line of Splinter Guard Fish & Glow Rods.  By adding a proprietary protective coating to our fish rods, we have eliminated the possibility of fiberglass splinters.  In addition to pain free wire pulling, the new Fish Rods glow in the dark to illuminate dim work spaces.  Our Splinter Guard products allow you to work pain-free and glove-free, meaning you can maintain complete dexterity on the job.   


If you do happen to be fishing with old rods and get the inevitable fiberglass shards embedded in your hand, here is one way to remove them. 

  1. Grab your nearest roll of Duct tape and cover the area full of splinters. 
  2. Rub down on the tape to make sure it has securely adhered to your skin. 
  3. Now rip off the tape. 
  4. Repeat these steps until all of the shards are removed. 

Sound like fun?  I didn’t think so.

Escape this mess altogether with the new Klein Tools Splinter Guard Fish & Glow Rods.  Not only can you avoid a hand full of fiberglass, you can also add visibility to your workspace with luminescent glow rods which are twice as bright and last twice as long as the competition.  Why fish with an inferior product?  Go grab some of our new Splinter Guard rods and enjoy pain-free wire pulling. 


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