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Get The Multi-Bit That Won’t Strip

Posted on:August 8, 2013

A multi-bit tool is a wonderfully handy piece of modern engineering. At least that’s what you’ll think until over time your bit holder is stripped of its gripping power and starts dropping bits left and right.  You don’t need me to tell you how annoying this can be.  Luckily, Klein Tools has helped solve this problem with a multi-bit that won’t strip.

A multi-bit tool allows you to switch between screw bits to potentially handle any type of screw head. Switch from a flat blade screwdriver to a Phillips head by just a simple switch of your screw bit.  However, these tools often have one big downfall. Over time, the mechanism that holds the screw bits in place becomes strained and loses its ability to hold your screw bit tightly. Klein Tools addressed this issue and came up with a solution.

A Multi-Bit That Lasts

Enter the annoyance free Heavy Duty Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver.  The heat-treated nut driver on this multi-bit tool improves torque and secures the highest level of bit-holding strength with a new heavy duty black oxide bit holder.   With this new innovation you can work feverishly without the fear of losing your bits. The Heavy Duty Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver holds six universal tips; converts to three nut driver sizes, and one hex driver.

Multi-Bits For Every Need

If you have more specialized requirements, Klein’s entire line of new multi-bit drivers are designed to put your mind at ease and make your job just a little bit easier.  The Stubby may sound like a bad action hero, but in reality this tool is in a class of its own as a multi-bit driver that can access the tightest job conditions.  On the other hand, our Extended Reach tool allows you to use a multi-bit driver in areas that no other multi-bit can get to with 39% longer reach.  Finally, after a long day of work the Ratcheting Multi-Bit gives you a fast and easy option to finish the job with forward, reverse, and locked positions. 

Whatever your line of work may be, Klein Tools has a multi-bit driver customized to fit your needs.  Stop wasting your time with slippery screw bits, stripped screwdrivers, or a whole tool kit of unnecessary tools. Our multi-bits, like all Klein tools, are made to last so you can get the job done right. 

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