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Posted on:October 12, 2017

While welcoming over 50,000 unique people, Electric Forest provides an intimate community for visitors to embrace the surrounding natural environment, rock out to their favorite musicians and build lasting friendships. The forest, which is intensified by imaginative lighting and various entertainers, radiates with passion from both attendees and tradespeople alike.

Planting the Seeds

With trees now standing up to 70 feet tall, it’s hard to imagine that the home of Electric Forest once stood as an area devastated by harvesting. In 1955, a small group of people planted the seeds of Sherwood Forest at the Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan.

Posted on:October 6, 2017

From falls over 100 feet to extremely adverse weather – including hurricanes – we’ve noticed that professionals tend to inadvertently test the durability of their tools and devices. Recently, a few of our customers have admitted to conducting these unofficial durability tests with the Wireless Jobsite Speaker.

Do you think kicks, drops, 100-foot falls and a hurricane were enough to do it in?

Tower Proof

When Bill Parrish was working on building a communication tower, he accidentally kicked his Klein speaker, and down it went – 150 feet to the ground. After watching it repeatedly bounce off steel on its way down, he was unable to find the speaker for three, rainy days.

Bill was about to give up hope on ever finding it, but he decided to take one last look. Luckily, that last check allowed him to locate the speaker, but it was 4 inches-deep in the dirt, busted open and full of water. Not one to give up after finally finding it, he cleaned it up, dried it off and turned it on. Much to his amazement, the speaker still worked!

Posted on:October 2, 2017

Recognized worldwide as one of the largest – and most epic – meeting places for motorcyclists, the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally entertains tourists from all 50 states and dozens of international locations. With a population just under 7,000, everyone in Sturgis, South Dakota is committed to working together to transform their small town into a memorable and authentic experience for more than 500,000 motorcycle enthusiasts every year.

Posted on:July 20, 2017

Every year, hundreds of nominees compete for the title of Klein Tools Electrician of the Year. But what's the key to winning?

The first step is to submit an outstanding nomination. We know our customers are skilled professionals who are dedicated to powering America's passions through hardwork and commitment to quality, so now is the time to tell us why you or someone else you know is the best of the best.

Posted on:May 24, 2017

Charlotte Motor Speedway, known to motorsports fans as “The Greatest Place to See the Race,” was the first major track designed and built by current chairman and NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee O. Bruton Smith. Since opening in 1959, the track has undergone significant expansions and renovations to accommodate a more diverse lineup of activities and experiences for its fans.

Posted on:May 18, 2017

With there being a “DIY” tutorial online for everything these days, it’s easy to catch the project bug – especially with that “low-cost,” do-it-yourself promise. But when it comes to electrical projects, is it really worth it to skip the pro? Short answer: No.

Posted on:May 4, 2017

Energy consumption is a seemingly reliable part of our everyday lives, but recent studies show that Americans are using energy faster than we can produce it. This means that keywords like renewability and sustainability are at the forefront of the national conversation on energy production. Going “green” seems to be a popular solution, as many U.S. cities plan to run entirely on renewable energy in the coming years.

But what does that mean for electricians?

As we’ve mentioned before, the U.S. Department of Labor projects a significant increase in jobs for electricians due, in part, to renewable energy sources, like sunlight, wind, tides, rain and geothermal heat. New demand, new technology applications and changing infrastructure all support this projected growth.

Posted on:April 24, 2017

At the Reynolds Company Electrical Supply store in Abilene, Texas, everything appeared normal as store team leader Rick Martin closed his shop down one Saturday in February. The next morning, however, Rick returned to find that his store had been caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting late the night before.

When he inspected the damage, he found the front window had been shot and shattered by a .40-caliber bullet.

Most people can’t tell what caliber bullet was used from the evidece of a shattered window, but Rick had proof. The slug had smashed the window, pierced a display and pancaked on a Klein Tools tape measure.

Not only had the tape measure stopped the bullet dead in its tracks – it didn’t break! Rick was astonished.

Posted on:April 17, 2017

Thousands of men and women risk their lives every day by working as electrical linemen, but the job isn’t for everyone. Do you think you have what it takes?

Posted on:April 1, 2017

As a family business, we’ve always been committed to supporting the next generation of skilled professionals. Now we’re starting earlier than ever with our own line of infant and toddler accessories, made with the same quality and durability you know from Klein Tools. Hardworking parents on the go will love the rugged, yet sleek, features that carry through the entire Klein Tots line.



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