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Digital Solutions Help Homeowners and Tradespeople Get the Job Done

Posted on:May 11, 2018

Have you ever taken on a DIY project that failed to uphold its “low-cost” promises? How about the near and dear frustrations related to trying to find a tradesperson after too many rough starts?

From the tradesperson’s perspective, these false-starts and DIY-whoopses leave pros working on the fly, balancing many tasks at once. It can be difficult for foremen and contractors to stay organized while managing their clients and their crews throughout these one-off or otherwise unpredictable projects.

Situations that leave owners or skilled workers feeling stuck may be more common than you think. So common in fact that entrepreneurs around the world have developed new search engines and apps specifically to find new solutions, helping all doers, homeowners and tradespeople alike, get the job done.

Klein came across a few of these pretty impressive digital tools and we want you to check them out for yourself!

  1. Sortedhouse (U.K.) – This database of professionals offers more than 18 categories of services, including tiling, roofing and plumbing or even pet grooming, gardening and decorating. The area’s highest rated tradespeople are available to meet your needs and a record of verified, previous projects can help you decide who’s best for the job.
  2. ie (Ireland) – Founders of have compared their site to Tinder, designed to match discerning homeowners with hard-working tradespeople. Its database is compiled by invitation only to ensure that those listed work to the highest standards.
  3. ARMA Refrigeration and Air Conditioning SmartCard (Australia) – The ARMA SmartCard provides a secure database for professionals to easily carry their qualifications and licenses. Not only does this help tradespeople control their information, but it also enables homeowners to confidentially hire skilled, licensed professionals.
  4. SideKick Home (U.S.) – Manage your own home improvement projects through a single point of contact with Sidekick’s virtual concierge services. Their mission? To help you with anything related to your home, besides putting your kids to bed and calling your in-laws. Other trusted and long-standing home improvement sites for use in the U.S. include Angie’s List and Home Advisor.

This list of one-stop shop services, and more like them, are changing the way contractors are chosen, helping to make home improvement projects more doable with professional help just a click or two away.

Similarly, other websites have been developed to specifically help tradespeople stay organized and prepared on the job. Some features include customizing contracts, quotes and invoices, reducing costs, communicating with clients and more.

Klein’s Tradesman Pro™ Holders and Organizers help professionals keep their tech in reach, so they can easily use digital solutions to increase efficiency on the job. Check out these products and more here.

  1. Co-Construct – If tasks involving project management have piled up, Co-Construct may be the app for you. It seeks to help eliminate chaos by enabling contractors to efficiently communicate with their clients and crew, coordinate multiple projects and re-gain control of their finances, all in one user-friendly app!
  2. Construction Master Pro – Keep all of the functionality of an advanced Construction Master Pro Calculator at the tip of your fingers. This easy-to-use app provides accurate calculations and helps tradespeople reduce costly errors, saving time and money throughout every project.
  3. Super-Bright LED Flashlight – While incomparable to Klein’s high-quality work lights, if you’re in a pinch, this just might be able to illuminate your work area. It is advertised as “super-bright” after all.
  4. Joist – Do you need to quickly distribute project invoices, estimates or contracts? Joist can help you close more sales and deliver a lasting, professional impression on the fly.

When it comes to jobsite challenges, professionals know best. These handy solutions might not work for everybody, and that’s why we want to hear from you. What apps, websites or other online services have helped you get the job done? Share your experiences with us on social media!

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