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Born in the USA: An Inside Look at Klein Plastics

Posted on:October 1, 2013

Klein Plastics in Rockford, MI was opened in 2005 and is one of Klein’s seven American manufacturing plants. One of the main functions of this plant is fitting handles inside of screwdriver blades and nut driver tubes that are shipped over from our corporate headquarters in Lincolnshire, IL. After this operation is complete, the finished products are shipped to our distribution facility in Cedar Rapids, IA. In addition to finishing screwdrivers and nut drivers, Klein Plastics manufactures our line of fish tape tools and through this operation the plant has developed a method to increase efficiency while decreasing waste. This process is outlined below:

STEP ONE: Cases and handles are manufactured

klein tools cases and handles

All Klein Tools fish tape cases and handles are manufactured at Klein Plastics simultaneously using a two press cell.

klein tools handles

This process produces a cold runner for both the case and handle that are waste.

STEP TWO: De-gating and transporting cold runners

klein tools de-gating and transporting cold runners

Runners from the case are then automatically de-gated at the press, dropped down a chute, and ground into a granulator. The runners from the handle are also brought down to the granulator to be ground.

STEP THREE: The granulator

klein tools granulator

The end result is an orange and black regrind that is taken to the POP card cell and is transformed into the black POP cards used on screwdrivers and nut drivers.

STEP FOUR: Creating the POP card from recycled waste

klein tools creating the pop card

Instead of throwing away the regrind that would otherwise be considered waste and stuffing a landfill, Klein Plastics has instead improved efficiency by repurposing the regrind into POP cards.

This is just one example of an ongoing effort to continuously improve manufacturing processes throughout our facilities. Each one of our seven American plants plays a vital role in delivering the high-quality Klein Tools products that professionals depend on daily. From one facility to the next, the tools that you use every day have been handled by hardworking Americans, ensuring that our finished products live up to the standards professionals have come to expect from Klein Tools for over a century.

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