Are Home Office Updates Paying Your Bills?

As states have slowly begun to reopen over the last several weeks, and restrictions have started lifting, many people are trying to get back to their regular routines. While some companies have given employees the option to work from home indefinitely, most of us are starting to head back into the job and get back into the normal swing of things. With this, however, comes fear from many people that a second wave of COVID-19 could come later in the year.

As the world awaits relief from this new public health concern, a large number of traditional office workers have started to make arrangements in case they need to work from home for another extended period of time. More than a quarter of people recently surveyed have said that they plan to make changes or repairs to their home to prepare for the possibility of sheltering in place again. For many, this includes outfitting home offices, upgrading internet speed and capacity, and making overdue home repairs.

With most of us caught off guard by the initial stay-at-home orders, it makes sense that people don’t want to experience the same issues if sheltering – and working – at home becomes the norm again. No one knows how a second wave of this virus could affect jobs, but trade professionals could see an uptick in residential work in the meantime. Whether from major renovations, necessary home repair or technological upgrades to accommodate work from home needs, this could mean more job opportunities and job security for many trade professionals.

What residential jobs do you expect to increase this summer? Have you started making changes to your home in preparation? Let us know in the comments.