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Posted on:April 6, 2016

Klein Tools is committed to being an American manufacturer, but as our world becomes more global we have found opportunities to bring our American-made products to electricians in other countries. For over 10 years now, we’ve participated in the International Hardware Fair in Cologne, Germany, and at this year's show we were recognized for our continued participation.

The International Hardware Fair is a trade show that brings manufacturers from all over the world to showcase their latest and greatest tools. In year's past, we proudly displayed our legacy products; pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, wire pulling tools, tool bags, and more. In recent years though, we've been able to bring with us tools manufactured specifically for the unique requirements of countries outside North America. And I'd like to highlight them for you in this blog post.

One of our most significant new product launches designed with our international customers in mind is our line of Electrician's Insulated Tools. Each of the pliers, screwdrivers, wire strippers and cable cutters in this line are VDE-certified. VDE is an independent testing and certification institute in Germany, and with their certification, they have verified that Klein's Electrician's Insulated Tools conform to the IEC standards for insulated tools.

I mentioned screwdrivers were among the VDE-certified insulated tools we offer. Those screwdrivers are PoziDriv® screwdrivers. They are designed to work with PoziDriv screws, which are favored over Phillips head screws in Europe and Australia.

One of our newest product launches is a Punchdown Tool for Krone blocks. It features a blade designed exclusively to work on Krone blocks and network infrastructure commonly found throughout Europe.

Though not new to the Klein catalog, we also offer nut drivers, combination wrenches and hex keys in metric sizes. We also offer tape measures with metric length measurements and a metric wire stripper.

To learn more, visit our international websites!

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