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Coax Installation & Test Kit

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Product Features
Includes tools needed to prepare, connect and test coax cables.
COAX CABLE STRIPPER 2-LEVEL, RADIAL: Designed for easy single operation cable preparations.
COMPRESSION CRIMPER - COMPACT F-CONNECTOR: Crimps compression F-connectors to coaxial cable quickly and reliably.
COAX EXPLORER2 TESTER: Compact tool tests and verifies coaxial cable connections (good/open/short).
UNIVERSAL F COMPRESSION CONNECTORS - RG6/RG6-QS: Patented universal sleeve connectors install up to 5X faster!
Klein Tools Feature Icon - klein/wf_vdv-f.jpgKlein Tools Feature Icon - klein/wf_vdv-coax.jpg
Cable Type:
1 Coax Cable Stripper 2-Level, Radial (Cat. No. VDV110-061); 1 Compression Crimper - Compact, F-Connector (Cat. No. VDV212-008); 1 Coax Explorer2 Tester (Cat. No. VDV512-100); 10 Universal F Compression Connectors - RG6/RG6-QS (Cat. No. VDV812-606).
1.1 lb (0.5 kg)

Read, understand and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings attached to and/or packed with all test and measurement devices before each use.

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