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TraceAll Tone & Probe

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Product Features
Trace wire paths and identify cables in common wiring systems.
Heavy-duty RJ11 jack on tone generator for long life and repeated connections.
Includes RJ11 adapter to converrt tone generator to an alligator-clip configuration.
Tone generator supports two distinct tones and is self-storing.
Adjustable volume level.
Dual material chassis fits comfortably in your hand.
Auto Power-Off to conserve batter life.
Probe equipped with replaceable non-conductive tip.
Batteries included.
Replacement tips available (Cat. No. VDV999-059)
Replacement alligator-clip adapter available (Cat. No. VDV999-067)
Optional accessories: TONEcube Tone Generator (Cat. No. VDV500-051)
Batteries: 6V-4xLR44
Width: 1.7'' (43 mm)
Height: 8.9'' (226 mm)
Battery Life: Tracer: 10 hours Generator: 50 hours
Weight (oz.): 5.0 oz. (141.75 g)
Depth: 1.2'' (30 mm)

Always wear approved eye protection.
Do NOT use on energized circuits.
Read carefully and understand instructions before using tool.