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Step Drill Bit #14T

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This product is no longer in production.
Product Features
Similar to Klein high-speed step-drill bits, but with a titanium-nitride coating (82 - 86 Rockwell C hardness).
Coating reduces friction for cooler, smoother running without lubrication; allows bits to last up to 4 to 5 times longer tha nsteel drill bits.
Single-fluted design eliminates skidding and makes for easier resharpening.
Laser-etched hole sizes are easy-to-read and permanent.
Bits are perfect for drilling accurate, round holes in thin (up to 1/8'' [3 mm]) metal (steel, brass, aluminum and copper), as well as plastic and wood.
Anti-skid tip eliminates the need for center punching or pilot hole drilling.
Depth Penetration for Each Step:
1/8'' (3 mm)
Electric Drill Size:
3/8'' (10 mm) and Larger
Hole Diameter:
3/16'' (5 mm) to 7/8'' (22 mm)
Number of Hole Sizes per Bit:
12 in 1/16'' (2 mm) Increments
Pilot Hole Required:
Quick Reference Number:
0.15 lbs. (0.068 kg)

Always ensure that you and persons in the vicinity wear approved eye protection.

Never use on or near live electrical circuits.

Note: Read and follow safety instructions in power tool owner's manual.

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