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Replacement Test Lead Set - Right-Angle Inputs

Cat. No.: 
Product Features
Standard banana-type inputs compatible with most multimeters and clamp meters.
Removable alligator clips attach to wires and other conductors.
Includes one pair of universal test leads and one set of alligator clips. Leads are 41'' (1,041 mm) long.
Safety Rating: Category III 1000V and Category IV 600V
Leads compatible and fit lead storage compartment on most Klein test and measure products, including: MM500, MM1000, MM1300, MM2000, MM2300, MM5000, MM6000, CL1000, CL1200, CL1300, CL2000, CL2200, CL2300, CL2500.
Also work with multimeter models MM300, MM400, MM600, and MM700.
Leads also compatible with MM100, MM200, CL100 and CL200 but does not fit the probe storage holders on product.
Testing in CAT III / CAT IV Measurement locations: ensure the test shield is pressed firmly in place. Failure to use the CAT III / CAT IV shield increases arc-flash risk.
Testing in CAT II Measurement Locations: CAT III / CAT IV shields may be removed for CAT II locations. This will allow testing on recessed conductors such as standard wall outlets. Take care not to lost the shields.
Always wear approved eye protection.