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Spiral Steel Fish Tape 50'

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Product Features
Spiral Steel fish tape slides easily over existing wires and through multiple bends
Durable spiral steel tape construction yields a maximum pulling force of up to 250 lbs. (113 kg)
The 13'' (330 mm) case diameter means you can reel in 15% more tape in a single revolution vs. a standard 12'' (305 mm) case
Spiral Steel
Tape Size:
50' x 3/16'' (15.2 m x 4.8 mm)
13'' (330.2 mm)
5.1 lb (2.3 kg)

Wear approved eye protection when feeding, pulling or rewinding fish tape.

Do NOT use any fish tape on or near live circuits. Use extreme caution when working near any electrical equipment.

Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance when using fish tape.

Never remove screws while fish tape is coiled inside reel.

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