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Ratcheting Cutter Heavy Duty

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Product Features
Ratchet-action design provides maximum leverage with minimum effort for heavy-duty use
Cuts steel and ACSR
Forged, heat-treated, shear-type blades, plus a 24'' (610 mm) long steel handles with heavy vinyl grips for comfort and slip-resistance
Blade-advance knob for fast rotation of the blade to engage the cable or other material being cut
Quick-release mechanism allows for removal of the cable or rod before completion of the cut, if desired
Not designed for cutting EHS Guy Strand or reinforcement rod
Overall Length:
28'' (711.2 mm)
Handle Color:
MCM Maximum Cable Capacity (Communication Cable):
1-1/4'' (31.8 mm) Dia. ACSR, ACAR; 7/16'' (11.1 mm) Dia. Common Guy Strand; 5/8'' (15.9 mm) Dia. Steel Wire Rope; 1/2'' (12.7 mm) Dia. Steel Rod (C.R.S. Soft); 750 MCM (1-3/8'' (34.9 mm) Dia.) Copper or Aluminum
Soft Cable Maximum Capacity:
2-1/4'' (57.2 mm) Diameter, 750 MCM (1-3/8'' [34.9 mm]) Diameter, Copper or Aluminum
Steel Cable Maximum Capacity:
1-1/4'' (31.8 mm) Diameter ACSR, ACAR, 7/16'' (11.1 mm) Diameter Common Guy Strand, 5/8'' (15.9 mm) Diameter Steel Wire Rope, 1/2'' (12.7 mm) Diameter Steel Rod (C.R.S. SOFT)
14.0 lb (6.4 kg)

Always wear approved eye protection.

NOT insulated. Plastic-dipped or slip-on plastic handles are NOT intended for protection against electrical shock.

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