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Positioning Strap 6 ft 6'' L, 5'' Hook

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Product Features
6-feet long with a 5-Inch snap hook
Red wear indicator located in the center
Two drop-forged steel Klein-Lok locking snap-hooks with 11/16-Inch (17 mm) throat opening
Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 9.5 x 4.8-Inches
Made of 6-ply Klein-Kord® for maximum wear and chemical resistance
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Minimum Length:
4' 3'' (1.3 m)
Maximum Length:
6' 6'' (1.98 m)
Adjustable Range:
2'3'' (0.69 m)

Always attach snap hooks to positioning D-rings on both sides of the belt or harness with keepers facing outward.

Never attach multiple snap hooks onto a D-ring.

Never allow a positioning strap to become twisted before engaging D-ring.