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Pin Punches - Short - 7-Piece Set

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Product Features
Used for driving out and removing pins and keys.
Tough and resilient shaft made from quality tool steel.
Heat treated for durability and strength.
Soft head for safety, will mushroom, not chip.
Knurled handle for grip.
Overall Length: various
Pin Diameter: 5/64'' (2 mm), 3/32'' (2 mm), 7/64'' (3 mm), 5/32'' (4 mm), 3/16'' (5 mm), 15/64'' (6 mm), 1/4'' (6 mm)
Pin Length: 1-11/64'' (30 mm)
Weight (lbs.): 0.83 lbs (0.4 kg)
Wear safety goggles user and bystander.
Eye protection and gloves must be worn when using this product.