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Normalized Ball Peen Hammer, Wooden Handle, 24 oz.

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This product is no longer in production.
Product Features
Used in metal work for striking punches and chisels where risk of chipping and damage to struck objects needs to be minimized.
Also used for riveting work with ball end.
Head is forged from high-tensile steel then normalized to give a softer face that is less likely to chip.
Normalized striking faces both have hardnesses below 20HRC.
Handle is fitted to head with a glued wooden and steel wedge assembly.
Ideal for work in confined spaces.
Correctly heat treated to best suit product application.
This product must be maintained in accordance with Australian standard AS 3797:1991.

Wear safety goggles. Strike squarely - avoid glancing blows.

This tool can be made to chip if struck against another tool or other hard object, resulting in possible eye or other injury.