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Lineman's Insulating 4-in-1 Box Wrench

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Product Features
The only double ended 4 in 1 wrench on the market that meets the ASTM standard 1000V rating!
''See-through'' insulating handle confirms metal ends are not connected.
1/2'', 9/16'', 5/8'' and 3/4'' sizes in one tool; 12 point sockets.
Reverse ratcheting action by reversing switches on each end of the wrench.
Textured grooves in handle prevent slipping.
Chrome plated finish resists corrosion.
Made in USA.
9'' (228.6 mm)
1/2'' (13 mm), 9/16'' (14 mm), 5/8'' (16 mm), 3/4'' (19 mm)
Socket Size:
1/2'', 9/16'', 5/8'' and 3/4'' (12.7 mm, 14.28 mm, 15.87 mm and 19.05 mm)
0.70 lbs. (0.32 kg)

Always wear eye protection.

Do NOT push or hammer wrench.

Do NOT extend handle length.

Inspect before each use.

Because moisture, films, or other surface contaminants are conductive, Klein insulating tools must be kept clean, dry and free of any surface contaminants.

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