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Nylon-Webbing Lanyard Adjustable Length

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Product Features
Convenient adjustable length
Nylon-webbing lanyards are ideal for positioning and in situations where the worker is often turning or moving around (webbing will not reverse-twist [hockle])
Equipped with two drop-forged steel, corrosion-resistant Klein-Lok locking snap hooks with 11/16-Inch (17 mm) throat opening
1-Inch (25 mm) wide orange nylon webbing impregnated with resin for greater durability and abrasion resistance
For use in positioning, suspension, or retrieval systems. Can also be used with a deceleration unit for fall-arrest
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For Use in Positioning, Suspension, or Retrieval Systems. Can Also Be Used with a Deceleration Unit for Fall Arrest
Special Features:
Convenient Adjustable Length
Overall Length:
6.5 ft - 10 ft
Adjustable Length:
6.5 to 10' (1.98 to 3.05 m)
Two Drop Forged Steel, Corrosion Resistant Klein-Lok® Locking Snap Hooks with 11/16'' (17 mm) Throat Opening and 1'' (25 mm) Wide Orange Nylon Webbing Impregnated with Resin