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L-Style Hex Key Caddy Set 12 Pc

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Product Features
Caddy has a unique locking feature and marked slots for each key.
Hex sizes ranging from .050'' to 5/16''.
Top-grade alloy steel is tempered for added strength.
Heat-treated and tempered for added strength and durability.
Rust and corrosion resistance surfaces.
Extra length for hard-to-reach applications.
Short side great for higher torque situations and low clearances.
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LL2, LL4, LL5, LL6, LL7, LL8, LL9, LL10, LL12, LL14, LL16, LL20
0.54 lb (0.24 kg)

Always wear approved eye protection.

NOT insulated. Will NOT protect against electrical shock.

Do NOT use a pipe or similar extension to increase leverage.

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