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41-Piece Journeyman Tool Set

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Product Features
Comfortable and durable tools for the professional.
Contains 1 Journeyman side-cutting pliers, 1 Journeyman diagonal-cutting pliers, 2 Journeyman long-nose pliers, 1 Journeyman pump pliers, 1 Journeyman crimping/cutting tool, 1 Journeyman cable cutter,
2 Klein-Kurve® wire strippers/cutters, 1 Klein-Kurve® utility knife, 2 adjustable wrenches, 2 keystone-tip screwdrivers, 5 cabinet-tip screwdrivers, 2 Phillips-tip screwdrivers, 1 wire-bending screwdriver,
2 square-recess tip screwdriver, 2 Rapi-Driv® screwdriver, 1 conduit-fitting & reaming screwdriver, one 12-piece hex-key set, 7 nut drivers, 1 awl, 1 torpedo level, protective eyewear, 1 cable splicer's kit, 1 canvas zipper bag,
1 power-return rule, a 125' (38.1 m) steel fish tape, 1 shoulder strap, 1 18'' (457 mm) 10-pocket tool bag.
Weight (lbs.): 29.8
Always wear approved eye protection.
NOT insulated. Do NOT use these tools on or near live electrical circuits.
Do NOT use screwdrivers to pry or chisel.
Do NOT open the tape measure case. Spring motor is under tension, and opening case may cause injury.
When working with fish tape, always use safe work postion to avoid loss of balance.
Never remove screws while fish tape is coiled inside reel.
The tool belt provided in this kit is NOT an occupational protective belt.