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2-Piece Set of 4'' Insulated Screwdrivers

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Product Features
Includes one 1/4'' Cabinet-Tip (602-4-INS) and one #2 Phillips-Tip (603-4-INS)
Reduces risk with work up to 1000 volts
Durable, two-layer, molded insulation
Orange outer coating is flame and impact resistant
White high-dielectric inner coating is bonded to the steel
Cushion-Grip handles for greater torque and comfort
Meets or exceeds IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505 standards for insulation
Made in the USA
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For Work Near Energized Sources
Special Features:
Flame Retardant and Impact Resistant Handle
(2) Screwdrivers
Shank Length:
4'' (101.6 mm)
Induction Hardened Steel
Handle Material:
High-Dielectric Plastic
Handle Color:
Overall Length:
7-1/4'' (184.2 mm)
IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505
0.60 lb (0.27 kg)


Do NOT use to pry or chisel.

Only use tools that are marked with the official international 1000-volt rating symbol shown above, if there is any chance that the tools will make contact with an energized source.

Whenever possible, always de-energize lines and equipment prior to working on or around them. Klein insulated tools are designed only to reduce the chance of injury where the tool may make contact with an energized.

Do NOT touch uninsulated portion of the tool or any conductive object when either might contact an energized source.

Wear approved eye protection. Always inspect your tools before use. Do not use if orange coating cracks, breaks or becomes damaged. Destroy tool if white layer shows through orange layer.

Because moisture, films and other surface contaminants are conductive, Klein insulated tools must be kept clean, dry and free of any surface contamination.

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